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Unexplored Wonders of the World

Have you ever thought of how exciting it could be to explore the unseen and untouched places all around the world?

A break from the mad rush of every day’s work to a world on new experiences, Pondering and wondering to get off from the hustle and bustle of the same boring activity every day. Imagine viewing the Soak up Santorini, located in Greece or Under water Diving in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia even more White-water rafting, within Nepal and roaming all around the roads of Kathmandu.. Isn’t the thought electrifying, causing great enthusiasm. Yes, definitely it is.

Take a look at few unseen and untouched places around the world that gets you Goosebumps:

Reeks, IrelandRidge of the Reeks, Ireland: One of the most amazing mountain ranges in Ireland, well known for its spellbinding natural beauty and culture is a great tourist attraction and offers a stunning tracking experience.


Castle House Island, IrelandCastle House Island, Ireland: Another exciting place in not to be missed list is the castle house in Ireland; with a structure of a castle exactly similar to those in the fairy tales it is fascinating and captivating. Present amidst the river and mountain it is one of the best places to live your fantasies of the Cinderella world.

Balaa Sink Hole, Lebanon

Balaa Sinkhole, Lebanon: Balaa sinkhole or better call it a three bridge chasm, is a unique & only one of its type. Out cutting the mountainous region in a distinctive way it is a series of three natural bridges one over another with a distance of 100 meters between each. The best time to explore this spectacular fall would be during the spring when it takes the form of a huge waterfall from the melting snows of winters.

Cenote Ik Kil, MexicoCenote Ik kil, Mexico: Carved by subsiding the cave and open to the sky, Cenote Ik kil is a natural pit 130 feet deep and 85 feet from the open surface. With a cascade of water descending from a height and greenery all around it seems a perfect place to swim. You can also enjoy the stay overnight with facilities available around.

There are even more hidden and unmarked places to explore on planet Earth which are still to be discovered and brought to life. The journey to these intoxicating places not just takes you closer to some truths untold and stories unheard but gives you an experience for life time, something which can never be removed from you memories just buried deep in it, still always fresh and alive.

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