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JetBlue Airways Cancellation & Re-booking Policy

The JetBlue Airways cancellation policies vary in two types, one in which the flights gets canceled by the traveler and the other is in which the airline itself cancel the flights. The situations and policies are different in both cases. Moreover, it also depends on the fare options purchased by a traveler. Let’s know more about it here-

Cancellation Policy:

JetBlue Airways permits travelers to cancel their ticket within 24 hours after the airline reservation. In any case, if the ticket is canceled post 24 hours then a traveler has to pay some penalty to the airline.

  • In case of online booking, open “Manage Flights” tab in order to cancel or change the flight.
  • In case of changes in flight, a traveler has to pay a relevant fare difference additionally to the change
  • If a traveler is making some changes in the airline reservation post 24 hours, then he/she won’t get any credit card refund and cancellation fee will be charged.
  • If a traveler is canceling the ticket that he has bought from JetBlue flight credit then it has a validity of one year from the date of cancellation for JetBlue flight.
  • If a traveler doesn’t cancel or change the flight before the departure then all the payment that he has made for the booking is forfeited.

Refundable Fare:

In this scenario, a full refund would be given to the traveler only if he/she cancels the booking prior to the departure. But, if the flight doesn’t get canceled before departure then he/she won’t be eligible for a refund.

Non-Refundable Fare:

If a traveler changes or cancels the flight before departure them the fee that is applicable per person along with a difference in fare. If the changes are not made before departure then all the payment would be kept as an extra charge. It is known as “No Shows”.

Cancellation Tips:

  • If a person is making a direct call then he/she must have all the necessary details such as the name of the customer, the confirmation number, and the credit card number that was used while booking.
  • If a person is making changes online then he/ she must have all the required details such as last name, confirmation number, origin and destination cities, and credit card number.
  • If a traveler has made the air ticket booking by a travel agency then he/she can change it online easily. In order to know more about it, visit the JetBlue Airways website and then click the tab “My Tips” in order to change the airline reservation.

Notification About Delay and Cancellation:

If some changes have been made in the status of the flight then a traveler gets notified about it by the airline on the e-mails about the real-time status. However, the flight status can be checked online on the website of JetBlue Airways by selecting the option of “Flight Tracker & Status”.

Rebooking of Flight:

A person can also rebook a flight after cancellation by calling directly on the number that is mentioned on JetBlue Airways. A person can also book the flight by visiting the nearby airport.

Compensation for Delay and Cancellation:

If the airline itself is making any delay or cancellation in flight then a traveler is eligible for compensation. If a person has bought the ticket directly from the JetBlue airline, he/she will get notified about the compensation through an email within a week of flight departure.

Hope this blog by Tripbeam helps you a lot in knowing about  cancellation policy, compensation & re-booking of flights of JetBlue Airways so that you experience airline reservation without any hassle.



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Business Class tickets from USA to IndiaTo find a luxurious flight without burning a hole in your pocket is alike a dream comes true. Usually business class tickets from USA to India are expensive and selection of an affordable ticket seems next to impossible. But some really friendly tips and tricks can help you increase your travel comfort to maximum and can be a cost-friendly experience.

Following area, a certain travel hacks that will definitely help you with your journey and increase the comfort of your travel through business class:


Do not make any delay in booking the tickets as soon as the trip is finalized. Early booking can give you ample choices to make a perfect grab for the opportunities available.


Your searching skills will be of great use when it comes to finding cheaper tickets and availing the best possible deals. You can easily compare ticket prices and choose the destination or change the departing city to make it fit into your pocket.


Card payment or net banking can also make your trip cheaper by providing you additional benefits and discounts and certain special offers available with online flight booking portals.


Sometimes, just by a small change in your destination city can make a huge benefit to your expenses. Select nearby destinations and compare the prices accordingly. This will be of greater use with least expense.


Night timings or you are a day traveler; you can easily compare and cut your expense by making the correct adjustments to the timings. Travelling at the unpopular hours such as early in the morning or late at night will help you travel at low costs.


There are certain offers available on particular dates and for some particular occasions, which help you avail benefits to the maximum. So, right selection of the dates can be of more benefit to you than expected. Avoiding weekends  can also reduce your travel expenses.


It is observed that planning a round trip journey often comes handy. Although it might increase your time of travel but you will not have to compromise with your travel experience.


To your greater surprise, you will find it strange but it’s true. Due to certain special offers, you will find airlines companies offering better deals and discounts for tickets in January and February. It is worth giving a try before choosing any other month of the year.


This could be another best option when it comes to finding cheaper tickets. Different airlines have varying offers and discounts available to different customers. You being a student or an old age person will definitely help you avail maximum of them. Compare and travel is what we suggest.

Surely, there are more than just curtains separating business class to that of economy class. By the end of the journey with, you will definitely feel more relaxed, refreshed and least exhausted.

You will realize the extra comfort that does not generally comes with extra cost and journey from USA to India in business class can be made more affordable with a least hit to your pocket.



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Business class flight on Tripbeam


The picturesque beauty of India is attractive. Most of the people from different regions of the world come here to explore the country. India is the best place to consider as your next travel plan. You can get affordable air tickets for every class type through online booking. Browse for the business class flights on Tripbeam and discover the must-see places of India in order to have absolute fun!

Here is the list of five places that one should see in India!

Beautiful Lakes of Himalayas

The beauty of Himalayas is not only about mountains but also it comprises of hundreds of alluring lakes. The Himalayan lakes extend from great Himalaya to Arunachal Himalayas such as Dal Lake in Srinagar which is worldwide popular, a frozen lake at Tawang, a frozen lake of India, are all the stunning lakes and amazing water bodies! Most of the high altitude lakes are formed through glacial activity. One can discover the beauty and charm of these lakes by passing through the difficult treks to the several regions!

Western Ghats

Being called a Sahyadri mountain range, the Western Ghats cover the whole west coast of India. A popular bio diversity hub, the Western Ghats includes a huge diversity of flora and fauna and several undiscovered species. It is considered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This tourist spot is comprised of highest peaks, captivating lakes & reservoirs, fascinating waterfalls, and picturesque greenery!


The capital of India is one of the popular travel destinations that one should definitely explore in his life. A city that is full-fledged with heritage monuments, an abundance of markets and enticing street food that take you back to the Mughal era- an absolute literal integration of old cultures and modernization. The spicy chaat & bridal collection of ‘Chandni Chowk’, the new trends at the ‘Sarojini Nagar’ market, and heritage walk to the ‘Humayun’s Tomb’, ‘Qutab Minar’, ‘Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah’, and amazing ‘Delhi Haat’ are something that one should enjoy to the fullest!

Thar Desert

The outstanding Indian Desert is located in the imperial state, Rajasthan and enclosed by the Great Rann of Kutch and Aravalli mountain ranges. It offers you a memorable and wonderful experience when you start exploring the intense beauty of this tourist destination. Cherish some beautiful memories by spending a night among the dunes and enjoying the camel ride with your dear ones!


Extremely popular for its exotic beaches, historic architecture, and sight-seeing worship spots, Goa is a small state of India. The destination is widely rich in tourism all over the world. The perfect destination to relax, enjoy freedom, spend some quality time at the beaches, and to discover the natural beauty in its own manner!

Enlisted above are all the amazing places that one should visit in India to explore the diverse cuisines and rich cultures. If you are worried about your budget, then you should leave it on us. Grab the business class flights on Tripbeam at relevant prices!



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Cheap flights from USA to India


India offers limitless travel opportunities to every foreign tourist. The answer to what makes India an attractive destination is boundless. Travelers from all around the world visit this country to have an incredible experience. Witnessing the diverse flora and fauna, mighty Himalayas, lush green meadows, and many other picturesque vistas of this country, and more are what India has for you.

India, not only reflects the deep and rich Indian history, but also, its thriving contemporary potential. The enchanting hill stations, amazing backwaters, fascinating hill stations, and spiritual destinations of India make it one of the most explored countries in the world.

Have a look at the interesting reasons that make India, the best tourist place!

Price Competitiveness

As compared to foreign currencies, the Indian currency has a lower value. This is the primary reason for foreigners finding the country an affordable to travel and stay. Foreigners can take advantage of various luxuries that too in a limited budget. According to Tourism Competitiveness Report, India ranks among the top 10 countries for “price competitiveness.” So, people from abroad can afford even the most luxurious accommodations, tempting foods, hassle-free transportation, and other comforts of life conveniently in India.

Adventurous Activities

The trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts from across the globe visit the country to have a wonderful adventurous experience. From the thrilling Himalayan peaks to the incredible green Western Ghats, a trek lover can get immense happiness here.

The most popular treks in India include Ladakh- Markha Valley trek, Chadar- The Frozen Zanskar River Trek, Kuari Tapovan trek, Gangotri Gomukh trek, Goecha La trek, and Nanda Devi trek. These places are best to explore the hidden treasures that our mother nature features. There are different places for trekking during summer, winter, monsoon, autumn, and other seasons in India.

Diversity in Indian Locales

India is home to crores of people of different caste, culture, creed, and religion. There are unique faiths, rituals, food, attire, music, and dance of different religions in India. All these depict “Unity in Diversity.” For tourists, this distinctiveness in every Indian state is a treat to watch and observe.

The iconic monuments, huge forts and palaces, alluring sanctuaries, grand museums, pilgrimage sites, and many other lively places is a must to experience when in India. The world famous tourist destinations include a number of global tourists are Agra, Old Delhi, Mysore, Badrinath, Goa, Ladakh, Kerala, Haridwar, Jaipur, Amritsar, Ujjain, Rohtang Pass, Shirdi, and Ajanta Ellora.

Mouth-Watering Food Menus

The variety of food options of India has made it as one of the best countries to present tempting cuisines to the people. Boost your taste buds by having various Indian dishes. There are different tempting food specialties of different 29 states of the country. Some of them include Punjab’s Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag, Rajasthan’s Ker Sangri, Kolkata’s rasogulla, Goa’s Bibinca, Bihar’s Litti Chokha, Kerela’s Aviyal, Sikkim’s Phagshapa, Uttar Pradesh’s Shami Kebab, and Mizoram’s Zu Tea.

So, as now you can see that there are a number of reasons that make India an attractive destination to travel and explore. That is why foreigners always remain curious to discover this incredible country. Therefore, today India has become one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world.

So, if you are the one who is obsessed to explore the beautiful geographic diversity of India, then just don’t limit yourself. Give a touch of bliss to your wandering souls by booking cheap flights to India. For this, we have ultimate solutions for you!

Go through the website and grab cheap flights from USA to India easily. Avail exciting airfare deals and therefore, commence your journey with us.