Magnificent Experiences One Must Not Miss When in Ahmedabad


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In the heart of Gujarat is a noble bustling city, Ahmedabad. A city which might not be a destination to make favourite but is for sure has it’s share of fun and several unique experiences to offer for a nice getaway. Ahmedabad is well known for it’s remarkably down to earth crowd and smart businessmen. This place also charm mass with it’s delicious food and satisfactory hospitality. Here are some magnificent experiences to not miss when you are in Ahmedabad.

Explore Cities Monuments and Temples

mandir maninagar

Ahmedabad is full with temples say for example Ram Ji Mandir and Hathi Singh Jain Temple which are beautiful and is inherent in Gujarat. One must visit the Jhulta Minar, which is also known as Shaking Minarets. These minarets are unique and is built in the Sidi Bashir Mosque sway when force is give on the upper arch. Also the fort on the east of Sabarmati River, known as Bhadra Fort is one among the popular destination. Take cheap flights for Ahmedabad airport and get to see these lovely monuments and temples.

Taste The Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

Ahmedabad is the best place to get the taste of the real flavour of Gujarati food. So make sure you try as much as you can. Do remember to try the Gujarati thali which include dal. Roti, rice, saag, sabzi and kadhi. You can eat or get packed some gujarati snacks which is famous round the globe. Say like fafda, dhokla and khandvi.

If you are searching for some street delicacies you can get good options to try in Ahmedabad. There are many popular street food joints. Such as Mane Kchow, which sells everything from paapri chat to street side chowmine and sandwiches.
And if you are a non vegetarian and is upset about only veg food I Ahmedabad, cheer up! Yes just try mutton chaap and kheema chops at Baghdad and haleem at Bhatiyar gali.

Pay a Visit to Ahmadabad’s famous Educational Institutes

IIM Ahmedabad

Being in Ahmedabad it is necessary to pay a visit to the campus of national institute of design and Indian Institute of Management. Your visit to Ahmedabad will literally be incomplete without seeing this prestigious academic institutes. They have expansive gardens, well stocked libraries and great architecture. Few of countries best business and art talents are found here.

Spend Some Time At Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram

Get here to collect some peace and knowledge and also to have a look at the down to earth lifestyle of the Ahmedabadis. Also you will get to see Mahatma Gandhi’s living quarters, his personal articles, his spinning wheel. His spectacles and much more which is kept all preserved in the Ashram.

Shop Handicrafts and Bandhani


Gujarat is really popular regarding the tie dye technique of bandhani and Ahmedabad is a good place to collect some. It is a good place to shop bandhej sarees and dupattas. It is also a great place to shop for handicrafts and handloom, you can go to Ahmedabad hat for the shopping, here you’ll get all the traditional things, the mirror works and embroidered work. Also you’ll get here pearl work garments. It is a unique place to shop.

So what are waiting for? Land to Ahmedabad for all the shopping and the fun.


Top Things to Do in Atlanta


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Atlanta, the capital city of the state of Georgia, is a hot tourist destination just not in the summertime but as always. This modern metropolis offers world-class attractions, various entertainment and lip-smacking food. The whole city was planned in a proper manner as a railway junction is planned. This city runs internationally famous businesses like Coca-Cola and CNN, have their headquarters also settled here. There are numerous things to see and do in Atlanta, ranging from arts to sports, history, and other entertainments and the most famous attractions include World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, and various museums. So make the plan to explore this vibrant city and book Hyderabad to Atlanta cheap flights. Have a look at top things to do in colourful Atlanta.

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the famous and largest aquarium in the world. This aquarium contains 10-million gallon area for various kinds of aquatic animals like penguins, sharks, whales, dolphins, jellyfish, frolicking otters and many more. Beside this, it is an abode for the exhibit of largest reef throughout the world. You will see the animals in the aquarium with various perspective and you will feel like a scuba diver. Don’t miss the opportunity, if you are exploring Atlanta.

World of Coca-Cola

World of Coca-Cola.jpg

This city is illustrious as the world’s most famous beverage named as Coca-Cola. You can get the look of the bottling process and taste over the 100 beverages which are marketed by the Coca-Cola. You can also taste various Coca-Cola Trademark brands like Coca-Cola, Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and many more. You can visit the gallery which has advertising campaigns, the bottling process. In the gallery, you can also make your own Coke art with the synergistic “My Coke Art” Display. And here you can learn the secret behind the taste and process of making the drink.

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta

This Zoo is covered in about 40 acres of land in the Grant Park. This zoo has various natural habitats which display more than 1000 animals and represent about 200 species throughout the world. Zoo Atlanta is one of the favourite Atlanta’s oldest cultural attraction. You can here experience the wildlife shows, the Zoo train and various activities for kids are available of all ages. This zoo is famous for the gorillas and the giant pandas. If you have kids, you must have to visit this famous zoo.

Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park

Since 1904, this Park grabs the attention of visitors with nature. Piedmont Park is also a favourite wedding destination and organised the wide range of events like festivals, fitness camps and various other activities. This park offers various activities include biking paths, skating, jogging path, walking paths and sports field. The Legacy Fountain is the most prominent attraction, this fountain attribute more than 70 jets which is able to display more than a million lighting configurations.

Eat at The Varsity

Eat at The Varsity

The Varsity is the World’s Largest Drive-In Restaurant since 1928. The Downtown Atlanta fits over 600 cars. Here you can eat and enjoy various foods like beefy hot dogs, juicy hamburger, and the Varsity’s popular homemade chilli, onion rings, french fries, pimento cheese. And in desert various flavours of ice creams, apple pie and fried peach pies.

Try to avoid visiting this Hotlanta in the summer season, because it gets too hot in summers. There is no anything which will dislike about Atlanta and rapidly it become one of the best cities to explore in the United States.

Amazing Places to Visit When You Are in Miami


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When you are thinking about Miami, this city is popular for partying. Bars, clubs, beach parties provides amazing time which gives you astonishing memories. Other than partying, this city offers various things to see and you can explore amazing pool, enchanting waterfalls, tropical surroundings, beautiful lush green gardens, Seaquarium and many more. Here we compile a list of top places to visit, if you got a chance to explore this magical city in Florida, so hurry up, book flight tickets to Miami from Bangalore. Have a look!

1. Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool.jpg

The Venetian Pool is situated in the City of Coral Gables, which is placed at the southwest of Miami. Many of the visitors travel here and take bath in the awesome pool, the water is pure and clean or you can visit waterfalls, bridges. It was designed by George Merrick in 1924. It is an open pool, which is open for everyone, visitors or local people.

2. Villa Vizcaya

Villa Vizcaya

This villa is built in Mediterranean architecture style which has beautiful lush green gardens. It is settled in the neighbourhood of Coconut Grove and is open for public every day except Tuesday. The construction and designing of this villa were done by three young men, who are not much experienced, many designs got rejected but the final outcome is really brilliant. In this villa, you can spend your leisure time with great enthusiasm.

3. Design District


It is one of the most creative spots in the Miami city is Design District. The manufacture of this building is done about 15 years ago, but nowadays various famous galleries, showrooms, designers outlets and store moved here. The design of the district is rare, which is not found anywhere except Miami.

4. Miami Seaquarium

iami Seaquarium

In this Miami Seaquarium, you can spend your great time with your friends or family. This spot offers you a chance to close to the dolphins, or you can swim with them. This place also gives you educational classes if you want to get knowledge about the endangered species and about the sea turtles. It is open to public every day and provides various family activities and events.

5. Jungle Island

Jungle Island

The Jungle Island is a zoological park. It offers many activities like, you can find the most amazing animals or which are seen rarely exhibitions, enjoy fun shows. It will be a great time for the family and friends. It is open for visitors every day of the year. Definitely, you may fall in love with this amazing place.

6. Coral Castle

This castle is manufactured by only one man, named as Edward Leedskalnin. He did all this for his love that was never back to him. He wanted to marry with his love Agnes Scuffs who cancelled their wedding just a day before, he was totally heartbroken and moved to Miami, where he purchases 10 acres land and start manufacturing his own Coral Castle.

These destinations definitely offer you a fantastic time and memorable holidays, so consider these places if you are planning to visit the Miami. Have fun!

Things to do in Amritsar


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India is a complete package of cultures and traditions and mouth watering food. Amritsar is a spiritual centre of the Sikh religion which attracts a lot of people every day. This city is mainly well famous for the beautiful gurudwara, ‘The Golden Temple’. This largest city of Punjab is a mixture of culture, dignified history, tradition and food. This prominent place is a commercial hub for national handicrafts and fabric market. So hurry, plan your trip, pack your bags and book cheap flights to Amritsar India. Here are top things to do while visiting Amritsar are mentioned below:

Golden Temple

Golden Temple

Golden temple is the impressive gestural of Amritsar city. It is a beautiful place with sacred peace. Centuries ago, it becomes a sacred shrine of the Sikhs, the architecture inside the shrine displays both Hindu and Muslim pattern, which symbolize coexistence of two. From early morning to evening, Hymes enchanted with the musical accompaniment of flutes, drums and stringed instruments. The whole gurudwara is built by pure gold and exquisite white marble and the lightning in the nights looks too astonishing. The Golden Temple is encircled by the sacred lake which contains Amrit or the holy water which is come from the Ravi river. The symbolic ceremony Palki Sahib Ceremony takes place when the holy book Guru Granth Sahib is departed to the Akal Takht Sahib, then staff clean the Harmandir Sahib. During this time, The devotees sing the Gurbani Kirtan, then the holy book is placed back in the early morning. don’t miss this religious ceremony while visiting the Golden Temple.

Wagah Border

Wagah Border

It is another major tourist attractions in the town. It is an India- Pakistan border. The lowering of the flags ceremony is followed by India and Pakistan which symbolize the cooperation between the two nations. This ceremony makes this spot the centre of attraction of tourist. It is separated by two heavy gates. There are good sitting arrangements for visitors who want to see this ceremony. The ideal time to visit Amritsar is from October to March, when the weather is cool and pleasant.

Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh1

It possesses a very bad history, this bagh represents the insensitivity of the English Army during the 1919 massacre. The Britisher’s troops latched the gates of the garden and start shooting randomly on the innocent people. A large number of men and women jump into the well, to escape from the bullets. You will able to see the bullet marks even today on the walls. An immortal flame burns at the entrance of the garden. The entry to Bagh is free and never closed.



The cuisine of the city will tempt you for visiting the city again and again. The lip-smacking dish is “Aloo Kulcha” which is a famous Punjabi fat bread prepared by using stuffing potato. It is served with white chole and tamarind water. Another variety of delicacies are Naan, Lassi, Chole Bathurety, Kachoris and many more. If you visit Amritsar, don’t forget to taste the mouth-watering glass of delicious Lassi.

This serene and holy city is the biggest pilgrimage of the Sikh community even today. Make sure you include this city on your bucket list when you are planning for India.