8 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids In Orlando


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Planning a trip to Orlando with your kids? It’s a famous Holiday and entertainment destination in Central Florida and is the favorite stop for families from all over the world.

With a variety of option to choose from like museums, theme parks, art classes and so forth, it’s a home to incredible child-friendly activities.

From theme park adventure, nature trails, museum enlightenment to professional sports Orlando has something for everyone.

If you are an Indian who has booked cheap flights from India to Orlando and planning a vacation to Orlando with your kids and are wondering what to do? Check out this list of must-see attractions in Orlando, we have compiled for you.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World
Of course, who wouldn’t want to visit the famous land of mouses especially if you have kids along on your vacation? If you are in Orlando, tick Walt Disney World on top of your bucket list. The never ending attractions of the magic kingdoms are cherished by people of all age groups, with rides for even little kids. Musicals, Processions and unreal fireworks during nights are extremely entertaining.

Fun Spot America

Fun Spot America

You get a variety of thrilling rides and enticements to choose from at this popular local theme park. There are dozens of classic rides to pick from, whether it’s infamous White lightning roller coaster or the renowned Sky coaster, there are a plethora of classic rides to choose from.You can enjoy all the rides with very little to no wait time and service is great too.

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Wonder Works

Wonder Works

This is likely to be the only upside down museum you will ever get the chance to see.
This Museum is packed with insane fun and amazing, incredible exhibits that will give you kids sense of thrill and adventure. As a matter of fact, there are over 100  of amazing exhibits, stuff to do and play around with.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center.jpg

You wouldn’t want to skip the chance of visiting this stellar institution. Kennedy Space center has been the base of the American space program for decades and has witnessed crucial historical events in the scientific history which include the famous space shuttle program and the launch of renowned Apollo mission. If your kids into science then it is a must see.

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil

Forever Homed in Downtown Disney for good, Cirque du Soleil enthralls travelers to Orlando every night with amazing performances. Presently La ouba is located on deck, a feigned world with an amalgamation of dance, circus arts, and amazing jaw dropping  acrobatics.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Universal's Islands of Adventure

It’s a great park for those sourpussed kids who consider themselves too mature to go to Pirates of the Caribbean. For the ones seeking thrill and adrenaline rush, Islands of adventure is an amazing getaway. If you are ballsy, the amazing adventures of spiderman, the incredible hulk coaster,, harry potter and the forbidden journey and the cat in the hat will give you goosebumps.

Congo River Adventure Golf

Congo River Adventure Golf

Who wouldn’t enjoy a few relaxing rounds of mini golf?  Now you have an opportunity to take your folks to the Congo River Adventure Golf course on an entertaining afternoon for mini golf sport.

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Who doesn’t like Harry Potter? From young ones to old ones, Harry Potter is a favorite of everyone. This is one of the top attractions amongst people. Both Parents and Kids can have fun exploring Hogwarts and hover with Hippogriffs

If you want to want to expand your horizons of traveling and turn into a kid with your at Orlando then right now book a flight from India to Orlando and take a plunge into sea of fun and thrilling activities with your kids

6 Upgrades For Your NYC Trip To Make It More Worth-While


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If you are planning a trip to the majestic New York City and desire to make it a little extra-special, we are here at your service. Although, let’s keep up practical! The Majority of travelers visiting NYC are already on a tight budget and have their key focus on saving bucks wherever possible. However, there are few people who are constantly looking for ways to enhance their vacation and make it a bit more special! Save more on your air tickets by getting India to New York cheap flights and we have compiled this list of ways to splurge on your trip to NYC and we’ll guarantee that it will truly be an everlasting trip.

Travel In Business Class

We know traveling in business class isn’t a budgetary affair but trust us it is certainly worth spending for you’re a day-long flight to NYC. You can save on discount business class airline tickets to get great deals and travel in comfort. The extra service and extra space aren’t necessarily free and cheap, but they will promise you a lot more comfortable trip to NYC. Traveling in business class means you are more likely to be in your best of mood and complete freshness when you land in the city rather than feeling like you have just survived the whole trip.

Go For A Room With Exquisite Views

Of course, it isn’t the cheapest way to stay in NYC, but to make this trip more special and truly memorable, book a hotel room with the finest views Times Square, Central Park or even the Hudson River. You will enjoy waking up with few of the finest views of the city and you can luxuriate in the city lights before you have your good-night sleep! Usually, rooms with exquisite views cost more but are certainly worthwhile.

Book Private Transfers From Airport

Arriving in a whole new city can be confusing or disorienting, especially if you are arriving here after a long flight. Getting private transfers from the airport can make your arrival a bit easier and less confusing as you know someone is waiting for you at the exits to take you to your hotel without any hassles. And if you pay a little extra, you can even get them into the terminal.

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Take Helicopter Tour Of The City

Experience NYC from the unique and mesmerizing vantage point of a helicopter. There are multifarious companies which offer helicopter tours of New York City and trust us they won’t be disappointing! You’ll be left thrilled and awestruck with the mesmerizing views of the city in bird’s eye view.

Go For The Express Pass At Empire State Building

Well, who doesn’t want to skip the iconic Empire State Building while in NYC! Plenty of people want to visit this majestic building, that means there would be a lot of buzz and long lines at this renowned NYC attraction. Express pass is an extra 33$ ticket which can easily save you hours and provide you the privilege of going on higher floors than what people holding normal ticket can go.

Take A Private Guided Tour

If you want to learn more about the city which never sleeps, you can treat yourself with a guided private tour. There are a plethora of tour companies in NYC which provide private tours and can customize the tour to your interests and tastes. Book one of these tours and relish the charm of New York City!

So, it’s that time of the year again when the travel bug is sparking! What better way to vagabond than fly to NYC. Get your cheap air tickets to New York from India and happy upgrading your trip to NYC!

What Exactly Travel Insurance Is? The Misconceptions Sorted Out


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Travel insurance is one of the prime things to purchase for your trip. No matter what is the reason or duration of your trip, travel insurance is a must have! We at Tripbeam provide our customers with the comfort of purchasing travel insurance from India to the USA along with the flight tickets booking.

As we realized through the customer interactions, people had a lot of misconceptions about what really travel insurance is!! We here want to address many of the questions, concerns, and misconceptions that have stacked over the years.

Here we answer 7 common questions regarding travel insurance that are the supreme points of confusion on this subject!

What Exactly Travel Insurance Is?

It’s the emergency case when few things go unexpectedly wrong! Depending upon the plan you purchase, it can be present for when your carry-on luggage is misplaced by the airline when you fall trekking, get parasite overseas or need to cut short or cancel your trip! It is sketched to be there for you in any accidents or unexpected events you did not think could happen. It is certainly not a substitute for the health insurance back home, an open pay-book to supplement the trip expenses or gives you license to be foolish!

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Is Travel Insurance Just The Health Insurance?

Nope, it is certainly just more than the health insurance! While there is the medical component of unforeseen illness or the accidental injuries, it can also screen you for the trip cancellations, interruptions, theft or loss of your gear and any emergency transportation you need to reach the nearest hospital fast!

Can I Be Treated For An Illness I already Possess?

A Majority of travel insurance plans do not cover the pre-existing circumstances. If you fall ill on road, yup, travel insurance is at your service, but if you need some kind of medication for already existing chronic disease or any type of medical condition you are suffering from, you could be out of your luck! Most insurers will take into consideration your illness a pre-existing circumstance and would not cover it under the new travel insurance policy.

Alright, it is Like the Health Insurance too? Can I visit a Doctor When I want to?
You should get your facts right that travel insurance is not the replacement for the health insurance and shouldn’t be treated as such! It is your first friend during unexpected mishaps. Pop an eardrum? Broke a leg? Got food poisoning? Travel Insurance has all screened! Want to visit the doctor for physical or to get an all-new crown for your tooth? You are on your own pal!!

How does This Insurance Actually Work? Do They Mail us any Card to Show The Doctor?

If there is any sort of major emergency, overnight hospitalization or emergency, you or someone else would get in touch with the team of emergency assistance and they can assist in making arrangements and approval costs. For all other circumstances, like day of admission to the hospital, you are required to claim the reimbursements from the insurer. You initially pay out of your pocket and then deposit the documentation to the respective insurance company! Do keep your documents handy, companies do not reimburse based on your words.

Does Travel Insurance Protect me In My Home Country?
This thing can’t be generalized for each and every type of travel insurance plans. Some travel insurance plans also cover you at home, some do not. It solely depends on your plan, and there are always prerequisite circumstances on when the coverage starts and when it ends, also, where you can travel, so it is advised to check the terms of the policy beforehand!

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My Credit Card Claims to Offer Some Protection. Isn’t that enough?

Credit cards, even the major ones are restrained to offer a limited amount of protection. Few of the major cards do reimburse for luggage mishandling, small medical expenses or trip cancellation if you entirely paid from that card exclusively. However, if they do screen something, the cover limit may be limited to a small extent and you may be shocked to see the price difference!

So seek out for the cheap travel insurance from India to the USA for the expensive coverage and make your voyage secured and hassle-free!

5 Unheard-Of Yet Priceless Monuments Of Delhi


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The national capital of India, Delhi isn’t merely what we visualize on postcards and in the books. National capital has been an epicenter of distinctive political powers since many generations. It has witnesses the rise and fall of multifarious rulers and hence the history of Delhi has been so diverse. There are distinctive versions of fables and facts regarding history of Delhi, but one thing is sure that this place has stood intact by the test of time. Now it is considered among st the top developed cities of India. Also, Delhi is suffused with monuments from past telling us fables of its turbulent past! While most people have visited the most touristy ones, there is still a treasure trove of the monuments out here waiting to get explored. Book your cheap flights to Delhi and here we present few of hidden,less-known and lost monuments of this capital city which certainly deserve more visitors.

Firoz Shah Kotla

 Firoz Shah Kotla Yet another beautiful ruin which has survived the course of time is Firoz Shah Kotla monument. Though Firoz Shah Kotla stadium is known among people but only a few and scattered people have heard about this monument. The Fort at Firoz Shah Kotla was constructed by Firoz Shah Tuglaq in 1300 s. Like few many other ruins of Delhi, this is lying there unnoticed. Exhibiting a large enclosure of high walls, Firoz Shah Kotla was grand and an opulent royal citadel of this city. However, unfortunately today majority of its beauty is vanished. It houses Pillared halls, Palaces, a Pigeon tower and a stepped well; few of which are still in good condition. The interesting thing about this monument is that few people still light up incense sticks and candles here and consider it as the abode of spirits.

Tomb Of Adham Khan

42847_9828Adham Khan was the son of Akbar’s foster mother. While he was dear to the emperor, he had his wrath on murdering of Akbar’s Prime Minister. He was buried in his own Adham Khan Tomb which was constructed by emperor Akbar in 1561. Another reminder of Mughal’s gallantry and barbarism, Tomb of Adham Khan stands tall in Mehrauli. It has a tomb on its upper corridor and you can get lost easily here and that is why it is called ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ in Hindi. Some historians are also of the view that there is some secret tunnel inside it which runs straight till Agra.

Tughlaqabad Fort

 Tughlaqabad FortLying in the state of being isolated, Tughlaqabad Fort is in now in a deplorable condition. This Fort was built by the founder of Tughlaq dynasty. It is spread over a vast area and is certainly a piece of architectural geniuses! Also, its architectural beauty is well defined in William Dalrymple’s(a famous travel writer) book.

Safdarjung Fort

safdarjung_tomb_delhiSafdarjung Fort’s architecture is somewhat similar to the Humayun’s Tomb! Known to be the ‘ Last flicker in lamp of Mughal architecture’, this monuments is not frequented by significant number of tourists as most of them don’t even know about it. Completed in 1754, this magnificent monument is a memorial of Mirza Safdarjung. Situated in the Western end of Lodhi Road, this fort is certainly lying unnoticed there.

Khirki Masjid, Saket

 Khirki Masjid, SaketKhirki Masjid is a hidden gem situated in the Khirki village opp the renowned Saket Mall in Delhi . It is a beautiful mosque accredited to Junan Shah. It comprises 180 columns, 81 domes and 15 prayer arches. This mosque is mostly covered making it one of its kind in the country. To compensate this, Junan Shah constructed red sand-stone windows in place of walls giving this mosque its unique name. Sadly, it is also amongst the forgotten monuments of the region but definitely is a must-see while in Delhi.

While reading this list, we are sure you’ll be motivated to traverse these priceless yet forgotten gems from our past! Think no further, get your cheap flights to Delhi from Toronto and relive into some intriguing fables of the city.