Write for Us

You can submit your Travel related blog with us. You need to write your it in .doc format and send it with relevant image on email address tripbeam.com@gmail.com. Maximum 1 do-follow link is allowed in the body section. There will not be any further changes in the submitted Blog once it is live. You need to check your Blog twice before sending. We only publish Travel-related blogs. We will review your sent Blog and if it is found to be spam-free we will Publish it and send you the link(URL) via e-mail.

How is Guest Posting Beneficial?

You will get a quality link pointing back to your website. The link will be a do-follow link, and it will never lose its value.

Important things to consider:

  • Duplicate/illegal content is not allowed
  • Thin content will not be considered
  • Link to Bad Sites/Banned sites/Adult Sites etc. not allowed
  • Copyrighted Images, Icons, Banners etc. in Post are not allowed

1 thought on “Write for Us”

  1. The castle House Island is a big fake!!!!

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