Top Weekend Getaways Near Pune


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When you are planning to travel, India is always a good place to think of and plan. India has so many places to go and explore that you’ll never ever have enough of it. With so many places here you for sure will get confused when you are asked to pick one. So here we are to help you out with some amazing destinations you can think of and choose from, take your time and decide, last minutes travel deals from Charlotte to India is always there for you. Pune, you must be familiar with the place but what about some amazing places nearby, let’s have a look.



For the ones who love adventure and the water enthusiasts this is one perfect place to land. This is a place situated between Mumbai and Pune somewhere in the Shayadari Mountains. Lavasa is a privately planned city and it just take about an hour and half to reach here from Pune city. It is place on the shores of Warasgon Lake and charming environment with enchanting landscape. Here you can try water sports like jet ski, kayaking, cruise boat, bumper bots etc. This place offers other adventure activities as well like trekking, rappelling, camping, rock climbing, paintball, valley crossing etc. We bet you’ll enjoy ever minute of your visit here.



Lonavala is another destination near Pune you can go to have a good time. It is about an hour from Pune and is one of the most visited places near Pune. Go plan, lush green and scenic view is there waiting for you. Midst of a dramatic landscape comprising mountains and waterfalls there lies hills, forts, caves, temples, lakes and much more. The famous hill stations here for sure will captivate you.



Amboli is a hill station, beautiful enough to drive all the way from Pune. This place is about 690 meters above the sea level. It takes 5 hours to Amboli from Pune. During monsoon this place is breathtakingly beautiful so the best time to visit this place. Though this place is not that popular but is full of amazing and serene views. Lush greenery in every corner. Do make a visit with your loved ones and family members and have a wonderful time.



This is a beautiful place situated near Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It is around 229 kms away from Pune and it takes about 4 hours to reach here from Pune. The best places to explore here are Wildlife, gardens, churches and lakes. This place is serene and and magnificent and this thing about this place attracts visitors in great number. Silvassa is a great escape for the ones who love trek. Here the visitors also experience the unique culture of Indo Portuguese. The architectural splendors makes this place a must visit travel spot.



This is an awesome place situated at a distance of 303 kms from Pune. It is situated at the port city on the Arabian sea coast in the southwestern part of Maharashtra. The best season to be here is in between October to November. It takes around 5 hours to reach here from Pune but the distance is worth taking as this place is amazingly beautiful. This place is blessed with a natural loveliness that also includes superb hills, creels, attractive seashore, waterfalls and much more.

We are done with our work and now it’s your turn to choose one best from the above and land to the place as soon as possible for a relaxing holiday. We bet you won’t regret a single minute of the vacation.


Amazing Experience in Mumbai


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Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, and popular for its hard parties all night and it makes you feel safe at night. It is an eye popping place for party freaks. In India, only Mumbai is the city which has a divine nightlife. There are lot of things to do in Mumbai from hanging out at night clubs, parties at monuments, live music on romantic date, hiking etc.,you will enjoy everything only in one city. Here we are with some great things that you can do in Mumbai , so pack your luggage and book direct flight San Francisco to Mumbai. The best thing about Mumbai is that there is no specific time to experience the exciting nightlife.

Visit the iconic Landmarks


The gateway of India and iconic Taj palace hotel are two must visit place in Mumbai by the tourist. The Taj Palace hotel is a part of Taj group of hotels which consists more than 500 rooms with 11 restaurants. And the glorious gateway of India was built in the memory of King George V and Queen Mary which is situated across the street. The architecture of this monument has intricate and delicate designs and carvings.

Boat ride to Elephanta Caves


Elephanta Caves are a group of Hindu and Buddhist caves located on the Elephanta Islands. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has a brilliant rock-cut architecture with exquisite design. The caves have beautiful carvings depicting the Hindu mythology mostly dedicated to Lord Shiva. You can reach Elephanta caves by the ferry from the gateway of India, which takes around an hour.

Drive on Worli Sea Link


Bandra–Worli Sea Link is an eight-lane cable-stayed bridge running over the open sea for the length of 5.5 km. It is such a man-made wonder situated on the Arabian sea, and a drive on the bridge in the day or at night is a great experience, in the night it looks beautiful when the whole city is illuminated. But stopping on the bridge is not allowed.

Relax on the Beaches


Out of the city traffic, this beautiful city has beautiful beaches where you can relax and spend quality time. Girgaum Chowpatty is a popular beach in Mumbai where you can do various activities. This beach is famous for two main things that are Ganesh Visarjan and fir Bhelpuri. There are many food corners where you can relish the taste of Mumbai like Pani Puri, Chana Masala, Pulav, Pav Bhaji, Baraf Gola (Ice Candies), Ice Creams and more.

Marine drives at Night


It is a city that never sleeps. The Marine drive which is known as ‘Queen’s Necklace’ is a most visited place by the visitors. The panoramic view is a breathtaking serene. Drive along this at midnight when there is no traffic is an amazing experience. Night-life at marine drive is a thrilling activity which will be stored in your memories for forever. It is a great spot to spend some quality time with family or friends and It is the favourite place of local people.


street shoppig

It is famous for its street shopping as well as branded showrooms and malls. In street shop, you usually found rejected items of top brands. These shops have the wide variety of dresses, footwear, jewellery, bags, fashion items, accessories according to the latest fashion. Few markets named as Fashion Street, Linking Road, Crawford market, Colaba Causeway. It will be your good experience.

When in Mumbai live like a free bird and enjoy everything with no time limit. It’s the beauty and security of this city that will let you enjoy your vacation without any hesitation.

Kasol, A Breathtaking Beauty


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‘High’ Kasol, a place that is true bliss for the stoners. People come here to let their tension smoke off. This is not only a place for stoners but also for nature lovers. Kasol isn’t just good bad and trippy, it is beautiful. The trippy air of Kasol takes all your tensions away, leaving you to experience true happiness. Kasol is a small village situated in Parvati Valley but the roads to Kasol is adventurous, and it’s fun to travel by bus, every time the bus takes a turn, you are all scared and relieved the other moment. This place is also known as mini Israel. Well, isn’t this enough for you to book a last minute flight from Charlotte to India. Well, if it doesn’t try reading further.

Try camping in the woods


Is an offbeat wilderness riverside camping on your bucket list? If yes then there is no good place Kasol to chuck It off. A camping in the woods of Kasol, nothing is better than this for an adventurer. The woods are located just a short walk away from the town. Setting up a camp in the woods, by the riverside, an evening where you cook food on wood fire, an evening of bonfire and a night in the tents, no money can buy this happiness.

Twerk at the trance party


Kasol is also a party destination and is growing day by day. These are long parties, they go all day, all night. These parties have great music and international DJs. These parties are held deep down in the woods, far away from the main town. Mid may to the end of June is the peak season in Kasol.

Boom Boom Boom

Well, everyone knows why people actually fly down to Kasol and what for. There is no secret backpackers from all over the world come to Kasol. It is all about that special plant which if found in the Parvati valley, known as cannabis plant. A visit to Kasol is pretty much incomplete if you do not try your hands on this magical cream. Well, there is this special note to make that Marijuana is a banned substance in the country and possession of the same can lead to imprisonment.

Rice beer is the another thing to try


This is must to have when you are in Kasol. When you are there in Kasol you can request your guest house owner to get you a bottle of rice beer. Rice beer has nearly zero alcohol content and is more a drink listed on one’s bucket list.

Finding peace in the Parvati

Parvati valley,

Kasol is really popular for the parties it holds but yes, it is not only about the parties. Kasol too has beautiful places where you can seek peace. Well, there are plenty of places where one can wander in search of peace. A peaceful spot we know is near lucky dhaba on the banks of Parvati river.

A candlelight dinner at evergreen cafe


Kasol serves for you can die for. And this cafe, known as the evergreen cafe is one best place to dine in. The place has a rustic feel clubbed with good music and salivating food. All under one roof with a candle on the table. The setting of the tandoor is to keep you warm. This cafe is among must to visit place when in Kasol.

Funky hairdos

Kasol is a place you’ll get all the fun in. Well, the other thing you can do here is to get a new hairstyle. The barbers here are amazing. They have some magic in their hand. The art they possess is amazing. They do from lulus to deadlocks and also the punk Mohawk the barbers in the saloons in Kasol do it all at an affordable price. The star attraction is the Lulus with colorful threads, shells, beads and even feathers.

So is it enough for you to plan a trip to Kasol? Well, we think you have a plan already in mind the only think left is to get last minute travel deals to India from Charlotte. Go, go pack your bags, take your bucket list along and chuck off the ones you are done with, and also add some new.

How Technology Can Make You Save Bucks On Your Next Trip!


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How Technology helps in Traveling

Technology has altered the way people travel, from flight information to lodging. But technology isn’t only restricted to this, it can also save bucks on planning and beyond! It has proven beneficial in every facet of the modern life. Using technology to plan your next vacation is indeed a substantial time saver and also it can make your vacation an affordable one if you are aware of the tools and tricks of trade. Plan a vacation, get your affordable flight tickets to India from Canada and we have penned few tips on how technology can help you travel more and of course, save more!

When To Buy Your Flight Ticket? There Are Many Tools For That

Book your Flight Tickets Online
There are many applications available on internet which can provide you with a general sense of what is the right time to buy your flight tickets. Even if you are stuck into a last minute scenario, do not despair, technology is at your service this time too. Using technology you can score cheaper flights or discover affordable destinations enabling you to save huge on your travel.

Tap Into Sharing Economy For Affordable And Cheaper Accommodations

Sharing Economy
The service of technology isn’t only restricted to get cheaper air tickets! There are also many tools for getting great deals on your accommodations. There are many applications which can make you rent a room and make you skip those expensive hotel prices. However, you should use the options carefully and only rent out those which will make you feel comfortable and safe in an alien land.

Skip Public Transport And Get Your Personal Ride

Skip Public Transport & Get Your Personal Ride
There are many handy alternatives to the public transportation which can save you tons of time and bucks as well. Who wants to waste time by waiting for a bus when there is a driver waiting for you down the road? The sharing economy has made it easier for the travelers and when you can easily make the mobility arrangements, you can actually extract more out of your trip!
Everyone is well aware of the fact that technology makes everything possible which was just a dream few years ago! Even if you are booking Corporate Travel Packages from USA or thinking on planning your next vacation, proper usage of technology services can save you stress, time and money. Therefore, technology is your good friend in planning your next trip.