Best tips to read before travelling to India

The India, this huge country in Asia is also exotic that contrasted, and many travelers come back upset. Poverty, spirituality, extraordinary landscapes, ancient culture, authenticity and promiscuity are always part of the trip, to the delight of some, and despair of many others. Whatever it is, a trip to India is never forgotten and it absolutely essential to prepare to avoid (or least diminish) the culture shock and surprises on arrival. Grab last minute flight deals to india and save big on your travel trip to india.

How to prepare his trip to India? 

Excerpt: “a journey in India requires some organization from an administrative point of view since in addition to the Passport, all European residents must apply for a visa. This may be tedious process and should be undertaken in advance, or even, on the advice of the official website of the VF Services company that makes the connection with the India Embassy, before the purchase of airline tickets.

Why we liked?

This article is a goldmine for any traveler who prepares a trip to India. We liked especially the part on the visa, and one on health issues in a very comprehensive way.

Excerpt: we are taking the doors of the arrivals hall and there… And there my friends, I wish to see a picture of my face to this second! Not the next, not really that one second. This fleeting moment, I think, forever remain in my mind. An elephant would have popped up in front of me, I would have probably been more dazed, bewildered, astonished.

Why we liked?

Because India, more than any other country requires psychological preparation prior to travel, this article explains very well “the slap” that we can receive arriving on-site, and the necessary perspective to understand such a trip.

India – Review & tips – without heel

Excerpt:  be ready for…Negotiate. Sweat, sweat, and sweat. Take three showers a day. Walk in a giant trash. Away the merchants and supplicants. See 8 people in a tuc – tuc. Take you a picture. Buy souvenirs. Do you have. Feel you dirty. Do not eat the fruit on the street. Sleep a lot. See more men than women in the streets. Give tips. Fasten your seat belt if you are driving. See people relieve themselves in the street. Lose you. Be sick… or not!

The bird pink

Excerpt: South of the India is often recommended for a first trip to India. Quieter, less poor, this region is less controversial than its neighbor to the North. Its climate is tropical, and its nature is often lush… Beach of fine sand, coconut trees and nature reserves… Beautiful landscapes and a very nice people… You discover Bombay, Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Why we liked? Because this article details fine options for a trip to India, and in particular the differences between each of the regions and the best ways to organize your stay.

Tips for a first trip to India – Lonely Planet

Excerpt: ‘ the India is well known for its touts and his Crooks, his endless shots of beak and frantic in General.» If there are several ways to reduce the risk of abuse or fraud, there is no way to completely guard against. The best advice for the novice traveler is to stay calm under all circumstances. In India, the small annoyances turn quickly into anger. Your ability to master, take a deep breath and continue your way will be the key to an overall rewarding experience.

Why we liked?

Because, as often, Lonely Planet is your best ally in India.


Top Indian Cities for Amazing Nightlife


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India is famous across the world for its traditions and rich cultures. But from last several years, this will become popular for its colourful nightlife which is flourishing among the cities. As the rapid increase of the corporate culture, youngsters find their best way to enjoyment. And that is, they spend their time after working hours in the pubs, lounges, vibrant restaurants and musical concerts for relishing the amazing nightlife. Tourists across the world visit here to experience the vibrant nightlife of the cities. Every metropolitan city is worldwide popular because it offers the best nightlife so if you want to experience the astonishing nightlife of India then book flight tickets from Atlanta to India. Here are some top cities in India where you can head towards the great party.


night life in goa

Goa- the Land of Beaches is popular for its nightlife among the visitors throughout the globe. Ranging from cheap drinks & a large number of beaches, in Goa, you will spend some good time. On the beaches, you will find various full moon trance parties, discos, rave parties, beach parties, jazz concerts for relishing the glorious nightlife. Casinos are also so much popular of here. It is one of the best places for celebrating the worldwide famous New Year. If you want a never-ending party, then Baga beach is one of the best options.


mumbai nightlife

‘The City of Dreams’ Mumbai is also well known as the residence of the Bollywood celebrities. It is notable for its glamour & awesome nightlife. In the night at various bars and pubs, you will surely find any of the famous celebrities. It is one of the best city which offers you DJs and bands, musical concerts and various options of entertainment. Insomnia’s at the Taj hotel is very famous for doing partying in Mumbai. If you want to experience the vintage style party then head towards Harbour Bar at Taj Mahal, other best place is Colaba Social.


delhi nightlife

Delhi the Capital City Of India is famous for its historical monuments but instead of it is worldwide famous for its nightlife. Here you will find the cosy pubs & sleek bars. Delhi has everything which gives you according to your taste and mood. Connaught Place is famous for its nightlife. It has a large number of bars and lounges with casual settings and fun cocktails. Other best places are Kylin Sky Bar in Vasant Kunj, Hauz Khas Village, Harry’s Karaoke Lounge Bar at Hudco Place. Almost all the pubs, lounges, bars are filled with a large number of crowds on the weekends.

Bengaluru (Bangalore)

bangalore nightlife

The IT hub of India, Bangalore also gives the amazing things to the young minds for relishing the life rather than the busy schedule. This city is also famous as the pub capital of India, central M. G. Road has about 40 pubs. If you love to drink beer, then Bangalore is the great place for brewpubs and cool places where you can go with friends and colleagues.


pune nightlife

The city of Pune holds wild parties which will go entire year. It is a hub of pubs, clubs, discos, lounges. Ans almost during the night throughout the year rock shows and musical concerts are held. Because Pune has the largest population of students which always want a vibrant nightlife. There are various themed bars, which attracts the youth.



For energetic nightlife & frisky experience, Chandigarh is the best place in the world. The lively people of Punjab and the nightlife at Chandigarh is filled with energy all the time. On each and every place, Punjabi music will attract the youngster here. There are various lounges, bar and pubs are here like Vintage Terrace Lounge Bar, Oriental Lounge, Arizona, Lava Bar, Zinc Lounge, and Antidote which will give the world-class experience of fun-filled nightlife. If you want to do clubbing then Chandigarh will carry you towards another level.

In the young generation, nightlife is becoming an integral part of their life. From their busy schedule, they want some leisure time to update themselves, instead of doing other things they will love to do clubbing and spend some amazing nightlife.

Wildlife Safari In India’s National Parks


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Are you a kind of soul which loves to roam around green in search of a glimpse of Rare animals and endangered ones. Also do you want to be in a place where you can practice Wildlife Photography? If the answer is yes, you sure should book cheap flight tickets to India from USA. India has various different National parks and wildlife sanctuaries located in different parts of India. These National parks and sanctuaries offer glimpse of heritage and local nature.

These places are heaven to nature lovers as here you can face to face with even rare animals. You can take Jungle safari, another amazing trip you will fall in love with. So here’s a list of some famous Sanctuaries and National parks in India one must visit.

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan


It’s a famous National Park in Rajasthan and is know for it’s variety of wild animals and the fortress which is amidst the park. It’s a part of Project Tiger and attracts a lot of visitors. You can spot here bears, jackals, leopards, bison, elephants, deer and royal Bengal tigers. This National Park is located in Prempura, Rajasthan.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand


This park is situated near Nainital in Uttarakhand and is renowned for spotting tigers. Also you’ll several other animals such as leopard, foxes, deer, bear, sloth and much more.

There are four different zones in the National Park known as Dhikala, Durgadevi, Bijrani and Jhirna. Here famous Bengal tigers can be spotted.

Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh


There’s this popular national park situated in Madhya Pradesh and is known for it’s greater density of tigers and species of deer and leopards. There are four zones in this national park as well and they are Magdhi, Panpatta, Tala and Khitauli. This national park has a rich historical past and has wealthy number of birds, mammals, butterflies and reptiles.

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh


Kanha National park is stretched across two districts Kalaghat and Mandala of Madhya Pradesh. It is famous as a Tiger Reserve. It is also known as one among the tourist friendly and well known tiger reserves in India. This National park two is divided into four zones and they are Kanha zone, Kisli zone, Sarhi zone and Mukki zone.

Kaziranga National Park, Assam


Kaziranga National Park is one of the largest and widest wildlife sanctuary, located in Assam. This national park is known to spot one horned rhinoceros and elephants, wild buffalo and swap deer. Here jeep safari early in the morning is really enjoyable. Also it is home to many migratory birds in winters. Also it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was declared in 1985. This national park is exactly in Kanchanjuri, Assam.

Above were some of the national parks you can consider to get amazing wildlife photography. Also these places should be once visited by the true nature lovers.

Beat The Summer Heat Wandering in Places So Chill!


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The best way to bid farewell to winters is to look forward exploring the places, the best ones to be in India in the month when summer is approaching. If you are looking for a destination cool enough to take all your sweat away and leave you with mesmerizing views, here’s the list. These places we bet will leave you awestruck and will refresh you inside out, will make you all ready to face the coming summers. And why would you not plan a trip when you are getting such amazing flight discount to India. India, a beautiful idea the month of April, get here to know why we say so!


Kashmir places

“If there’s ever a heaven on earth, it’s here”, in the words of Jahangir. Having said so, he’s completely true about the natural beauty of Kashmir. Kashmir will always top the chart of the places to go when summer arrives as it’s a natural paradise. Jammu and Kashmir is always suggested when it comes to beat the heat. There a lot of places when can get lost for in this paradise. Srinagar, Leh, Gulmarg, Sonmarg are some to name.



The list of where to go in summers in India is just incomplete if you don’t have Dalhousie included in it. Being one of the most amazing summer destination this place surrounds itself with snow clad mountains. You can get here to enjoy the pleasant weather this place serves with picturesque places like Kalatop, Panch, Dainkund, Sach Pass etc.



Dharamshala is the little gem of Himachal Pradesh and is one of the most surreal places to go in closing winters. This place redefines the beauty of nature and lets you enjoy lush greenery and mountains. Also it holds the capability to surprise you with snowfall. Major attractions we say for this place is HPCA stadium, Kalachakra Temple, War Memorial, Kangra Valley etc. You get various things to do in Dharmashala like trekking, camping, paragliding, sightseeing etc.



Mussoorie is one of the well known holiday destination located in the Dehradun district and is considered to be the gem of Uttarakhand. It lies in the Garhwali Himalayan ranges. Also it is often recognized as the Queen of hills in Northern India. Mussoorie is at 1880 meters above the sea level,a place which offer peaceful environs. The weather here is moderate and the temperature remains between 10 degree C to 30 degree c. the major attraction to name are Lal Tibba, Kempty falls, Company garden, Gun hill, Jwalaji Temple etc.



Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim holds an extraordinary tourist destination which is situated at the height of 5500 feet, it is a beautiful cosmopolitan town which offers a variety of culture mixed. It is one of the best place for a perfect Summer Holiday. Summers here are usually mild with temperature fluctuating from 13 degree C to 22 degree C. Major attractions to list are Nathu La Pass, Ranka Monastery, Himalayan Zoological Park, Do Drul Chorten Stupa etc.

So these were the top five places you can rely upon to take a Winter see of Vacation. We assure you’ll have an amazing one. Happy Holidays!

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