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‘High’ Kasol, a place that is true bliss for the stoners. People come here to let their tension smoke off. This is not only a place for stoners but also for nature lovers. Kasol isn’t just good bad and trippy, it is beautiful. The trippy air of Kasol takes all your tensions away, leaving you to experience true happiness. Kasol is a small village situated in Parvati Valley but the roads to Kasol is adventurous, and it’s fun to travel by bus, every time the bus takes a turn, you are all scared and relieved the other moment. This place is also known as mini Israel. Well, isn’t this enough for you to book a last minute flight from Charlotte to India. Well, if it doesn’t try reading further.

Try camping in the woods


Is an offbeat wilderness riverside camping on your bucket list? If yes then there is no good place Kasol to chuck It off. A camping in the woods of Kasol, nothing is better than this for an adventurer. The woods are located just a short walk away from the town. Setting up a camp in the woods, by the riverside, an evening where you cook food on wood fire, an evening of bonfire and a night in the tents, no money can buy this happiness.

Twerk at the trance party


Kasol is also a party destination and is growing day by day. These are long parties, they go all day, all night. These parties have great music and international DJs. These parties are held deep down in the woods, far away from the main town. Mid may to the end of June is the peak season in Kasol.

Boom Boom Boom

Well, everyone knows why people actually fly down to Kasol and what for. There is no secret backpackers from all over the world come to Kasol. It is all about that special plant which if found in the Parvati valley, known as cannabis plant. A visit to Kasol is pretty much incomplete if you do not try your hands on this magical cream. Well, there is this special note to make that Marijuana is a banned substance in the country and possession of the same can lead to imprisonment.

Rice beer is the another thing to try


This is must to have when you are in Kasol. When you are there in Kasol you can request your guest house owner to get you a bottle of rice beer. Rice beer has nearly zero alcohol content and is more a drink listed on one’s bucket list.

Finding peace in the Parvati

Parvati valley,

Kasol is really popular for the parties it holds but yes, it is not only about the parties. Kasol too has beautiful places where you can seek peace. Well, there are plenty of places where one can wander in search of peace. A peaceful spot we know is near lucky dhaba on the banks of Parvati river.

A candlelight dinner at evergreen cafe


Kasol serves for you can die for. And this cafe, known as the evergreen cafe is one best place to dine in. The place has a rustic feel clubbed with good music and salivating food. All under one roof with a candle on the table. The setting of the tandoor is to keep you warm. This cafe is among must to visit place when in Kasol.

Funky hairdos

Kasol is a place you’ll get all the fun in. Well, the other thing you can do here is to get a new hairstyle. The barbers here are amazing. They have some magic in their hand. The art they possess is amazing. They do from lulus to deadlocks and also the punk Mohawk the barbers in the saloons in Kasol do it all at an affordable price. The star attraction is the Lulus with colorful threads, shells, beads and even feathers.

So is it enough for you to plan a trip to Kasol? Well, we think you have a plan already in mind the only think left is to get last minute travel deals to India from Charlotte. Go, go pack your bags, take your bucket list along and chuck off the ones you are done with, and also add some new.