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Its the basic human nature or call it awesome contradiction, we continuously create and indulge in bizarre and increasingly fatal ways to keep ourselves amused! India sure knows how to strike its image in the world map of adventurous places to traverse once in your life. It has all the potential to be a dream getaway for many who love to test their Adrenaline Rush! So for all the Adrenaline-junkies out here, we will tell you why India is grossly an underrated adventure destination.

Skydive in Aamby Valley near Mumbai for a true adventure-freak in you!


No more France for famed paragliding destination, head straight to Bir Billing and fly in the amazing Himalayas and be free as a bird over breathtaking landscapes.


Who said you need to go Bali for diving underwater and catching its stunning corals? Experience the stunning natural marvels of Andaman Islands for heart-pounding adventure.


Experience the adventure of world-class slopes for powdery rove in India’s own ski-resort-Auli.


Take that Rickshaw challenge in Southern India and race on mightily bumpy roads in mightily unsafe vehicles!


For real caving experience, no more heading to Malaysia! Instead, take a peek into the unexplored mazes of Siju Caves of Meghalaya.


Greet the shifting dunes of sand-clouds in Rajasthan and rumble with your desert spirits!


If blind curves, cliff faces and vertical drops are your thing, cycle down Ladakh! Pure Savage? Isn’t it!


So are you ready for the unmatched fun and excitement of Great Indian Adventure?