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The city of Chennai, whether you have lived here or you have just arrived here for a fleeting visit, we are all completely spoilt for the splendid things to do here! From hot spots in odd spots to picture postcard attractions, from high art to wildlife to buzzing streets to quiet and serene places, Chennai has it all!

Chennai is filled with the people who are in a hurry to reach their respective destinations, yeah always in a hurry! Well this statement has nothing to do with this article, but you need to get your facts right about the city you are about to read, ha ha!

chennai-hotel-indiaEvery city majorly depends on its various trade centres situated and based on the streets, to make it simple, ‘Street Shopping’ is the word. The city of Chennai is filled with distinctive places across its geography which will let you experience all the flavors of Chennai in terms of clothes and commodities! Book your cheap flights from Toronto to Chennai and let us take you across famous streets as we tell what all you can purchase from there!

Pondy Bazaar

Famous Products: Utensils, trinkets!

This street is literally a paradise for the shopaholics. There are a hundreds of roadside shops, platform shops and even branded showrooms in this street! A diverse range households clothes and trinkets can be found here. Do visit the Naidu Hall, a renowned handloom store well-known for its design and quality of sarees. Also, visit Rathna stores for its impressive collection of utensils for your daily use!

You can even spend an entire day without getting bored in Pondy Bazaar. It also boasts few lip-smacking restaurants where you can have some good food!

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Thyagaraja Nagar
Famous Products: Clothes!

Simply the KING of all the shopping destinations across the city, this vast area is suffused with stores ranging in all sizes and price ranges. This place bursts with what is approximately half of the city’s whole population on a simple working day! The adrenaline rush which you will experience while manoeuvring across thousands is indescribable. This place boasts multistory buildings bearing clothes, utensils, jeweler and of course, the street vendors sitting in front of the buildings selling earrings, watches and trinkets!
This place is a must visit for an indescribable shopping experience and you will start to feel the pulse of whole of Chennai. This area is also known for its popular ‘Ranganaathan street ’stretching kilometer long, sandwiched by Mambalam railway station and T.Nagar!

WARNING: Do NOT visit this street if you are hostile of vast crowds and avoid visiting it on any public holiday!

Ritchie Street
Famous Products: Electronic Items

Said to be a world class electronic destination, you will be amazed at the supreme quality of electronic instruments and spare parts available here! The shopkeepers and vendors here are always ready to volunteer information on any make or model of any instrument/part you care to name! Country’s true talent for obtaining low-cost substitutes of the branded parts can be witnessed here. You would be flabbergasted at what all you can purchase here. Before we even begin to describe the feeling of Ritchie Street, rush here to experience it all by yourself.

Parry’s Corner
Famous Products: Flowers and Decoration items!

This name is derived from an old manufacturing unit of well-known Parry’s chocolate company. It is located at a corner of the city, right next to the Broadway bus stand. It is renowned for buying the household items for family functions or big get together; gas stoves, garlands, utensils, invitation cards etc. It is one of the oldest sector of the city, with construction dating back to the colonial period!

Moore Market
Famous Products: Books/Novels

For the students it is a place to buy second hand books from here at reasonable prices. However, if you are an avid reader this place is a heaven for you! You can get a vast array of Novel selections at good prices. You can even sell your novel here if you are done with reading it. Your bargaining skills can surely come to your rescue in this market.

The overhead mentioned places are known across for their specialties in different products. First grab cheap air tickets to Chennai, then grab a bus and just go happy shopping!