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People visiting New York City have a vast array of options for dining out!! It can be overwhelming! There is no single reason to dine out at a monotonous chain restaurant that you can find back home when you are in New York exhibiting a number of great eateries. Grab cheap flights from Amritsar India to New York and be a part of one of the largest world foodies destination!

The city of New York has no shortage and scarcity of exquisite restaurants to choose from. We have singled out 7 great choices for families for a lip-smacking meal that would certainly please kids and parents alike!

1. La Bonne Soupe

La Bonne Soupe French bistroLa Bonne Soupe is a family friendly French bistro that serves a reasonably priced and a straightforward menu that kids and adults will enjoy! With Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center and the Moma in its close proximity makes it an ace choice for the visitors in the area! The menus here at La Bonne Soupe offer great value to kids and adults, including an entree, wine and dessert for less than 20$

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2. Alice’s Tea Shop

 Alice’s Tea ShopThemed in Alice in Wonderland, this tea shop is a fun choice for afternoon tea or lunch with your kids- and the sandwiches and scones are worth appreciating. The menu here includes afternoon teas, homemade baby foods offer some generous portions of foods which can be shared for a little additional charge.

3. Dinosaur BBQ

Dinosaur BBQAlthough original restaurant is in Syracuse, this Dinosaur BBQ locations in Brooklyn and Harlem are fine options for a family friendly dining in NYC! Kids menu here includes choice of a main dish and 2 sides for 6.50$ and the entire family will certainly enjoy the casual ambiance and lip smacking food served alongside a fine selection of beer!!

4. Cowgirl NYC Restaurant

Cowgirl NYC RestaurantThis West Village restaurant has been serving up taste of the Texas home cooking since 1989. Ever since it has been acclaimed for its hospitality and aroma of Texas’ cooking! Certainly, it is kitschy but in a unique and fun way that undoubtedly makes it worth visiting. This restaurant has a perfect blend of kids and adults interests! Beside having a tempting kids menu, they offer visitors with live country western music eves!

5. Prime Burger

Prime BurgerPrime Burger is a good choice for the families, offering great burgers at modest prices. Conveniently situated near Rockefeller Center and St.Patrick’s Cathedral, Prime Burger is well known for its onion rings, milkshakes and homemade pies which goes for a good and decent choice for having your breakfast in the neighborhood!


6. Serendipity 3

 Serendipity 3
There is a reason that this restaurant frequently has a waiting line! It is famous with parents and kids alike, specially for its acclaimed frozen hot chocolate! Potions are huge, either its foot long hot dogs or delicious ice cream sundaes. To avoid long waits, book your table in advance and relish the serendipity!

7. Yeah Shanghai Deluxe

Yeah Shanghai Deluxe
Yeah Shanghai Deluxe is a Chinatown restaurant which is a great choice for families and children alike. People of all ages can enjoy all their traditional favorites and the exquisite Shanghai dishes, for which it is acclaimed among masses. Bustling ambiance and a quick service ensures that kids are fed before they feel bored.

Enclosing you with a few tips while dining out with the toddlers- Be early, don’t expect crayons and be conscious of the noise!! so, wait no more book flight tickets to USA from Amritsar and have a happy dining in one of the best cities to live in!!