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India,one of the world’s antiquated civilizations, often labeled as a blend of multifarious distinctive cultures has been swayed by a past that is centuries old. The South,North,West and East have their own outstanding cultures and almost every state has carved out its own cultural niche. You ought to be kidding if you don’t pay a visit to India if you want to have a taste of the varied cultures cover under a single outland.

Among the lots there is one such city,located on the banks of one of the major rivers of western India, Ahmedabad whose heritage and history can be traced back to the 11th Century. So if you want to visualize numerous dignified monuments,fairs and festivals and to forget its famous lakes which takes us to the flashback of historical and elite past of the city, pack your bags and book Miami to Ahmedabad flights without giving a second thought to it. To make your exploration more interesting and conveniences we have come up with top 7 cities of Ahmedabad, which will make your trip a memorable one.

1. Organization of City into Pols

1.Organization of city into PolsPols are a housing cluster, which comprises many families of a distinct group, allied by status, creed or occupation. They are typical of urban centers in Ahmedabad. The tradition of these pols has helped Ahmedabad earn a seat in the UNESCO’s tentative series. While buzzing around the narrow streets of a pol you will be involved in many small temples and other old structures which will help in fascinating your senses.

2. Visit to Sabarmati Riverfront
Sabarmati RiverfrontA lovely place you must visit early morning for a serene experience and be ten times more refreshing you were in the first place. It is also lively during the evenings and a pleasing place for late night strolls. It also serves as a paradise for boating seekers.

3. Unusual Night Market
Unusual night marketThis market will marvel you with its timings. While most of the other cities have already slept or are in verge of sleeping Ahmedabad is thronging towards its one of the oldest Law Garden Night market. At midnight with its all glitz and hustle bustle it is the best place for traditional Gujrati clothing and is also ideal for foodies as it has several authentic food joints.

4. The Religious Estate
4.The Religious EstateIt serves as the home to distinctive religious places, including Akshardham Temple, Iskcon Temple, Jama Masjid and many more. The Majority of these shrines are centuries old and have sophisticated and at the same place very complex architecture. You can experience a different sort of pleasure while taking tour to these places.

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5. Sabarmati Ashram/Mahatma Gandhi’s Home
Sabarmati-AshramThis place is knitted with history,from where the journey of Indian freedom started. It visualizes the simplicity of Gandhi ji and his life. It will surely stroke you to the memory lane of the past. Moreover, right bang at the sabarmati river, it offers an alluring place to snap some pictures and take a sneak peak into dancing peacocks roaming around.

6. Kankaria Lake Front
Kankaria Lake FrontHaving a brink of about 2500 meters it has been the symbol of Ahmedabad ‘s identity for almost 5 centuries.Along with the vicinity of a zoo, an aquarium and surrounding hill gardens, it offers a complete entertainment center. Not to miss its tempting laser show in the evening.

7. Vintage Car Museum
Vintage car museumThis Auto World vintage car museum is a treat for car admirers. It is worth of your time as you will experience the largest collection of vintage cars under a single roof. Its collection is one of its kind and appreciated across the globe for its exclusiveness. To add to your experience, the vintage village also has a self toned Gujarati restaurant which serves limitless bizarre and divine lunch after which one can rest on the pavilion which is on this property.

In a nutshell, if you have never experienced the blend of old and trending traditions in a single urban ambiance and want to enrich your senses with the aroma of prosperous past do not waste your another second and book a New Jersey to Ahemedabad flight. You will definitely not repent your decision.