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Almost in every nation, there are few places which are almost untouched by the human race. These places are the reason for an extra excitement which an explorer feels when he reaches and discovers them for the world. Traveling to somewhere new and exploring that place is same as rebirth. Sometimes we get lost in the outside world while searching for something new, that we forget to explore the lesser known places in our backyard. The United States of America is the land of opportunities and has fascinated the minds of people around the globe. It does not only provide better lifestyle but also give the opportunity to those who love to explore and are driven by the hunger for traveling. Its vast landscape accommodates fifty states each holding many secret places for an enthusiastic explorer to discover.

You will find plenty of places which has not touched by many people, only few of them knows about it. So here is the opportunity to explore something unusual and fascinating. We have listed below some less traveled and not so famous but exciting destinations which are worth visiting.

1 Alabama

Five Rivers Delta MuseumFive Rivers Delta Museum is an ultimate destination for those who are into nature. This place also offers an incredible history for history aspirants.

2 Alaska

Chena Hot Spring ResortAt Chena Hot Spring Resort near Fairbanks, the outdoor pool carved in the rock surprises the visitors because they don’t expect to come around a place in Alaska that offers a hot spring of natural mineral water.

3 Colorado

Great Sand Dunes National ParkAt North America at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve you will be experiencing highest sand mountains. These sand dunes have been shifting and building from a very long period of time.

4 Florida

Florida's Caverns State parkFlorida’s Caverns State park offers tours to its dry, air-caves and is the single place in the US offers these tours to public.

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5 Georgia
In Georgia, there is a place which is also known as the Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon”. It got its name from the color of its soil which contains orange, pink, red and purple hue. It looks like a beautiful natural painting.

6 Illinois
If you want to change the canvas for a change the serene and quiet town of Galena is the place that needs some consideration next time you plan a trip. Tiny shops and Galena river on the side resembles the European countryside with a hint of rolling hills on the other side.

7 Kentucky

Big South Fork national RiverBig South Fork national River home many beautiful waterfalls and Princess Falls is one of those beautiful water body that offers a lot of outdoor activities. The river and the recreation area covers 125,000 acres and features the scenic beauty of the area.

8 Maine
At Maine, you can enjoy the “bean-hole-bean” a traditional dish which is cooked by the native American population. It’s the place for those people who enjoy good food and outdoors.

9 Massachusetts:
The Gloucester Harber north of the Boston is inspiring not only the visitors but also the artist and the writers. This town holds the reputation of one of the states’ most iconic fishing town. When you walk through the new Gloucester Harborwalk you can see the passing by.

10 Michigan
The state holds the record of having more lighthouse than any state in the USA. There are more than 129 lighthouses across the Great Lakes in Forty Mile Point Light near Rogers City.

11 Pennsylvania
One of the most beautiful places to visit in Pennsylvania is Elfrenth Alley. It is one the oldest residential street that dates back to the eighteenth century.

12 South Dakota
Commonly known as the devil’s bathtub is Spearfish Canyon which offers a refreshing reward at the end of a family friendly hike.

13 Tennessee

Cumberland CavernsBluegrass Underground is the name given to the concert that takes place in the volcano room of Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville. This place attracts people who have taste for music and adventure. Artist like Vince Gill, Old Crow Medicine and Amos Lee have all played at this venue.

Apart from the above mentioned places there are so many unexplored destinations in the United States of America that one must visit. The places that will definitely ignite the spark of traveling and exploring more. So wait no more, get ready to uncover the lesser known tourist destinations and give your cheapest flight tickets to India from USA inner traveler something great to discover.