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Planning a trip between holiday seasons can be a very hectic task. During November and New Year people face difficulties to get an affordable flight and hotel room. Booking a last minute flight from the USA to India during these holiday season could become a chaotic experience.
“During the holiday season, there are no good deals – only “bad” or “better” ones,” says Rick Seaney, CEO of airfare-search engine FareCompare.
Airlines expect from the customer to book at the last minute and charge you for it. So if you are heading home or going around the world during the holiday season- there are ways to do so without burning a hole in your pocket and looking for last minute flight deals on the internet.
Simplest way of doing this is to have knowledge about the apps and the websites which can do the work for you and help you score the affordable last minutes flight and hotel. So consider the following tips to streamline your last minute trip. Then start packing you bags, you’ve got a plane to catch.

1. Time-And-Route-It Right
There should be no surprise among the travelers that are flying just a day before the holiday and are paying the premium amount for their flight tickets.

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Beyond that, it can be hard to deduce which days offer the cheap last minutes flight deals, which is where Hopper comes in. this app can help you with the cheapest flight ticket by analyzing the time when the fare of your desired route will hit its low point. You can keep track of websites which provide heavy discounts.

2. Let The Deals Be Your Guide

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The closer to departure you get, the price of flights on regular schedule  airline increases, therefore last minute deals on flights are very rare. You can save a lot more if you are keeping track of those websites which provide deals at regular interval. For example, TripBeam is the finest provider when it comes to accommodating tour and travel packages, as they offers exciting family holiday packages and business like corporate travel plans with discounts from the USA to India.

3. When Thinking Last-Minute Travel Think Serendipity

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If you know exactly what you want and you will be disheartened if you don’t get it than last minutes may not be right for you. Because traveling unplanned may give you unexpected challenges than you could be disappointed. So whenever you book a last minute flight you should also be prepared for the challenges that come with it. With the arrival of the holiday season, people end up taking the deals they actually don’t want.

4. Last-Minute Travel For Fun Trips, Not For Crucial Trips
Last-minute travel isn’t appropriate if you’re set on a particular type of suite in a specific type of accommodation at a particular location at your destination, or must travel during specific dates.

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If you want  everything to be perfect for your honeymoon, marriage, a family vacation you need to book early. It might save you some bucks in advance and you may actually end up getting the cheap flight tickets to your destination.