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The biggest hurdle between you and your dream of traveling the world is the air tickets! The seemingly high price of air tickets is what has made air travel a dream for many people, but that can be easily changed. With a little bit of planning and foresight, air travel can actually be affordable for anyone. We are about to tell you five ways to do just that.

Timing: Airlines keep on changing the prices of air tickets, several times a week. So, to get the best deal start looking online for your air tickets at least two months in advance for the best international airfare deals and one month for local flights from your expected date of departure. You can use google search or other travel sites like to do the same.

Keep Seasons and Holidays in Mind: The fares to certain places which get crowded in some particular seasons can rise steeply during those times. You will also notice a steep rise in fares during holiday season as everyone is traveling somewhere. If you have to travel during those times keep this fact in mind and book well in advance to avoid paying extra during the price hike.

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  • Sign up for Airfare Alerts: Almost all major airfare booking sites provide free alerts and mailers about ongoing discounts and offers. Subscribing to these has been always helpful as you can choose the places you want to be notified about and plan a trip when the prices fall. Travel alerts often offer amazing prices you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. If your favorite airlines offer travel alerts sent to your phone or email, sign yourself up!
  • Mix and Match Flights :Some major booking sites automatically mix flights from two different airlines to provide you with the best deals possible. You can also do this manually and although it might take some time it can save you a lot of  money.
  • Use Aggregator Sites: Certain sites give you a list of fares from many different airlines for your selected destination, so you can view the fares simultaneously and pick the cheapest one after comparing. To get the cheapest flights requires a rigorous search involving multiple search engines and airlines. Comparing prices online using a search engine and different travel portals is the way to get the best & cheap travel deals. Here, you also grab the last minute travel deals at the best rates.

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  • Chase Airlines on Social Media: Follow different airlines on social media channels. You may feel idiotic by adding an airline sites to your “liked” pages on your social media profiles, but the main advantage of doing is the you’ll receive special offers time-to-time. They will often promote their special deals and discounts via different social media sites.
  • Keep your Traveling Dates Flexible: Several airlines have specific requirements for a minimum and maximum total number of holidays to be spent in a location in order to get the best deal. Stay at your destination over a weekend, as flights that bookend a Saturday night is cheaper than those that lack a Saturday stay.

Just follow the above mentioned ways and transform your dream of traveling the world into reality.  Happy Traveling!