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Towards the end of August I decided that it was time to visit one of the seven wonders of the world: Petra (in the Middle -East). I was already in Amman, Jordan so the distance wasn’t as much as it would have been if I was somewhere in the States, but the trip still took more than 4-5hours considering a few number of stops were made.

image1Once I arrived in Petra, I was told to pay 1 JD (because I have a Jordanian passport). If you do not have a Jordanian passport it costs 50 JD to enter; so I recommend keeping that in mind. Finally, after entering, there was about a 1525 minute walk to get to the Siq. The Siq is a beautiful place to walk through, the walls are eye-catching. It wasn’t as short as I’d expected it to be; however it wasn’t too long either. Going through I got a taste of what Petra would be like. From the heat to the view and also the amount of walking I’d definitely need to go through.

image4Finally when I reached the treasury, it looked like something built with machinery from this generation! The perfection it acquires shows rural beauty at it’s finest. It also seems to be a pit stop for camels, horses, and their riders. The animals were resting there while the riders were having some chitchat.To the left before the treasury you’ll find a small coffee shop and place to get some water, drinks, snacks. I recommend getting at least a bottle or two of water as the journey ahead is long, tiring,and depending on when you visit throughout the year it can get very very hot.image5After seeing the treasury, and taking some pictures, I turned to the right and continued into Petra. There I saw merchants, many camels, and much more. You’ll be able to visit a coliseum, a sacrificing burial/ground. The merchants there have many nice antique looking products. For example, there are daggers with nice designs, tea pots and lamps, hookahs, and so on.

So summing up this post on my trip to Petra, some great tips I recommend are simple and will help you very much. First, dress accordingly. I would highly suggest not to wear white or light colors. Second, have your snacks/food and water at hand or bring money to buy some (also make sure to carry money for the entrance fee). Lastly, be prepared for the amount of walking you’re about to endure.
I definitely recommend putting this on your bucket list of areas to see for your next getaway.

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