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Vantage PointsPlanning a trip to any place is always exciting as it gives an opportunity of exploring new places around the world. But this gets even more exciting, if you are able to get your hands on the cheapest flight tickets. This is not always the case as you must have a knowledge about how to book cheap flight tickets. Below are some trending rules that will make your wish of traveling on cheap tickets come true.

Make an advance booking: As this is known to each and every one of you, but what you must know is that if you book your tickets about 6 weeks before then you will be able to get great and cheap tickets.

Travel on low business days: Consider traveling on days that are not usually picked by the business travelers or leisure travelers. Days like Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Usually, airlines lower their ticket rates on these days.

Have flexible dates: You can get cheapest tickets if you have flexible dates. Search for the tickets in advance and book the ones you find most affordable.

Register to get email alerts from airlines: This is the best method to get cheap flight tickets because whenever the price drops you will get notified and book the tickets if you like.

Opt for connecting flights: It is not always necessary that you will get cheap tickets on all the direct flights you opt for. Sometimes booking tickets for connecting flights is a good option as you will be able to save your money.

Always follow 24 hour rule: If you want to cancel your flight tickets make sure to cancel them before 24 hours of boarding and then you could avail your ticket refund. But keep this in mind that not every airline provides this facility and some may charge cancellation fee, so do check with the airline beforehand.

Fly during cheapest time: Be flexible with your flying time. Book tickets for early morning or late night flights and avail cheap tickets from the airlines.

Follow these golden rules before planning to board a flight and you will definitely be able to get discounted tickets. Just have a look at all the prices of different airlines and choose the one that suit you the best. Happy flying!