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Planning to go to a new place? Excited enough! Preparing a list of all the things you might do on your vacation or the places you would visit. Taking a trip is always exciting and thrilling but what if, you reach your destination and you are sick? Now, you must be thinking how can you possibly get sick from your homeland to the destination you are visiting because all you do during that time is traveling or to be more precise flying on a plane. Now you might wonder that, flights are not filthy, they are neat and clean.
After said that, we want to bring to your notice some important things that you should avoid much contact to on your flight.

Tray Tables

airline-trayYou might say, if you do not touch the tray how are you going to unfold it to eat off it. Now, bear this in mind, you have to avoid excessive contact with the tray as it not that clean as it seems. These have some invisible germs that will not affect you that much with regular contact but can be infectious if you are overdoing it. If it’s possible just try to clean it with a wipe, before using it. And yes! Do not ever eat the food that falls off your plate on the tray.

Walking Barefoot


Do not walk barefoot on the plane as there might be some small food remains sitting there or dust. Try to always slip into your shoes especially if you are going to use the lavatory.

Seat belt buckle


Now, it is really important to fasten your seat belt ,as required, but avoid playing with it’s buckle and strap. As it might contain some dirty germs and microbes that could cause some infections.

Blankets and pillows

644765pAlthough there are always new and clean sets of blankets and pillows every time a flight takes off but avoid covering your face or head with them because as they are maybe clean but some microbes still find their way to attach to them to give you some small infections.


gallery-592-image-6805Surprisingly, researchers have found less amount of germs of toilet seats as compared to the tray tables. The reason behind this is, toilets and bathrooms on the flight as well as in airports are cleaned more often than the tray tables. That does not mean there are no germs there. Just avoid excessive contact.

Faucet handles of toilets


These are loaded with wide variety of germs and microbes that can cause infections. If possible, use these with your elbows or use a paper in your hand to do it.



Armrests are usually the filthiest of all, so avoid excessive contact with it and you are good to go.

Back pockets of seats

Infiniti G37 seat pocket with watter bottleBack pockets of seats are not the most hygienic places. It is filled with crap that passengers leave. Remains of nuts or food can be easily found there which in turn becomes home of various microbes. So, do not use these until extremely necessary.

As these are some points you must keep in mind during your flight. By following these points you will definitely be able to keep yourself healthy and clean.Just wash your hands as often as you can or always carry a sanitizer with you. Use it before eating, fastening your seat belts etc to avoid the germs. Stay fit and fly safe!