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Top Croatian Higlights

The independence of Croatia in 1990 was a substantial proof that the beauty of nature can never be kept hidden and the place was destined to be nature’s imaginative canvas for the one, who had never seen it. With staggering 1185 islands and a glorious 1778km-long coast. Tourism in Croatia has risen exponentially in the last half decade. In 2012, Croatia had 11.8 million tourists, which brought up to 14 million tourists in 2013, a record number of visitors. Croatia looks to double these numbers by 2020 with national strategy of bringing in 17.5 million foreign tourists and income from tourism exceeding $17 billion.

With lush green plateaus on the eastern side, the high altitude sandy hills right in the midst of Croatia’s geographical territory separates the former and the Adriatic Sea, attracting audience with different touring taste. Let’s find out why people enchant about the life and spaces in Croatia:


Adriatic Sea, Another World under water

Adriatic Sea : Another World Under Water
The uniform blue sapphire of Adriatic Sea embraces exceedingly wild remote islands spread all along and through Croatian borders. Caves from ages are dwelling under water making home for sea residents and of course, the traditional fishing routine of tribal natives, startle the visitors with their inherited expertise.  Trade facilities through sea have brought more employment opportunities than ever in Croatia. Also, water sports like surfing, yacht racing have come into existence, since tourism is on a flamboyant rise.

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Zagreb, Cultural, Tourism

Zagreb: Cultural, Economic and Political Capital
The City remains a vast outdoor party 365 days a year. In the center lies the serious Austro-Hungarian buildings poised with the informal crowd came for scuffy pubs and rowdy beers. Elegant Restaurants, multi- trend boutiques and the park bisecting the centre of this city, remains packed out even on a chilly night. Art is in veins of Zagreb natives, whether it’s cultural, ancient or modern, Visitors can’t explain the feeling and aura of galleries exhibiting austere canvases portrayed by renowned artists of era: now and then.

The Jarun Lake in the east is a “made for tourist” place to swim boat & dance in a lakeside disco. Maksimir Park goes full on weekends with bikers & joggers. For hiking and skiing, Mt. Medvednica is only one hour drive away from the city. But one thing you can’t miss the late morning or early lunch (whatever you may say) coffee in an outdoor cafe giving the zeal to your soul.


dubrovnik pearl of Adriatic

Dubrovnik – Pearl of the Adriatic
Dubrovnik is popular for a long coastline of enthralling resorts and 5-star hotels complemented by the ancient stones on the other side of Main Street twinkling like stars in natural light. Move away from the main streets and there’s still much to discover, Lapad beach gives the hybrid atmosphere of astonishingly well prepared sea food with the peaceful heart touching effect of moon light even on a hot summer night. If you are a music addict, you can’t resist tapping your feets on street jazz music. Late night parties DJ play different genres like blues, jazz, rock and yet keeping everyone on their feet.

Among other places, Istria is well known for its wines, bars, clubs and cautiously prepared delights, a place worth spending days & nights, living a King size life. There is more in Croatia for explorers and the wild sane, 8 national parks protect pristine forests, Karst Mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls in a landscape of primitive beauty. Being famed as one of Europe’s top tourism attraction, after independence. Croatia is packed with spectacular meadow coastlines and gorgeous islands and is as urbanized as the most modern European countries are, making it one of the most loved places in this part of the World.
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