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Things to do in Tahit

Tahiti is definitely one of those destinations that seem like a dream come true for many travelers. Therefore, once you finally book your trip to Tahiti at Tripbeam and get discount on last minute flight where you might fall into a trap of just wanting to be there and admire it. Truth be told, just being on Tahiti is great, but you will miss out on many wonderful things if you don’t plan ahead. Visiting and checking out these five things will make your trip eventful and still leave you with enough time to just sit on the beach and meditate on the beauty surrounding you.

Tahiti - Overwater BungalowsTahiti – Overwater Bungalows

Bora Bora

Everybody has heard about this amazing island and visit to Tahiti without visiting this amazing place is just unimaginable. Bora Bora is placed on a volcano and it has one of the most amazing lagoons that are world famous. The coconut trees are all over the island and they make the scenery perfect. Another amazing thing is the vivid and unforgettable sea life that can be explored by scuba diving, helmet diving or glass bottom boat.

Black Pearls

You can go shopping or just go and see the world famous black pearls. You can also go and get a tour of some of the black pearl farms and see the way they are created. They are available in form of jewelry and as individual pearls. Black pearls are characteristic for Tahiti and the legend says that the God of Peace has made these pearls as a gift to the people and that they ensure fertility.

Overwater Bungalow

You have most definitely seen the photos of the amazing over-water bungalows that stretch over the crystal clear sea. Spending at least one night and morning at this exclusive Tahiti accommodation is a definite priority while you’re here. This is among the most romantic things that you can do on a holiday. Imagine a morning with your loved one, watching the fish beneath your feet, sipping coffee and waiting for your breakfast to be brought to you in a canoe.


This is the capital of French Polynesia. This vivid, lively and colorful city definitely finds its place on the five top places that should be seen during your vacation on Tahiti. One of the things to visit there is the exciting open market that is full of local products, food, spices and the like. That is the place to be and experience the genuine and everyday life of this amazing place. Also, while at Pape’te, try some of the local specialties like raw fish marinated in coconut milk.

Hiking through Inland

The emphasis while on Tahiti is on the marine life and the beaches. However, the inland of this island has amazing hiking tours that will show you breath-taking lush frontiers of the Tahiti land.

You can never go wrong with Tahiti, but having these five things in mind, you will make your experience riches and more exciting with enough time to just sit and enjoy as well. So, what are waiting for??? grab the last minute flight deals at best rates in the market!


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