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South Pacific Islands

Clenched in the serene waters of the South Pacific, lays many dotted islands that are spread across the water body. These islands have UN-matchable diversity of flora and fauna. Along with the vegetation or greenery on the island’s top, the underwater have no less vegetation, including soft corals in the plankton rich waters.

Here’s a guide to the travelers all across the globe to help them choose which island to take their flight over. Below are some exceptionally beautiful south pacific islands, which you could visit and treasure some memories for a lifetime.

Mamanuca Islands, FijiFiji: A wild and exotic heaven on earth which witnesses nearly 630,000 visitors annually. Along the sea coast, you’ll feel to dive into the underwater where soft corals fill ocean spaces and are dense purple-white forests. When you visit here, do take a tour to the Viti Levu, Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands.

Rarotonga & Cook IslandsRarotonga & the Cook Islands: Isles of Rarotonga and Cook will take you to an unforgettable experience of ‘Island Night’ where you enjoy delicious feast and local dance performance. This place is best for family vacations. Also, you can fly to Atitutuaki to adventure with its low-lying coral islands.

Vanuatu IslandsVanuatu: Adventure lovers will have bucket full of treats on this isle. Here you’ll find echoing volcanoes and wild jungles to trek into. Along with this, you witness paved roads and French cheese. Vanuatu is a top hot spot for backpackers and deep sea divers.

Samoa IslandsSamoa & American Samoa: Divided in two parts but together called as the Samoan Islands are traditionally Polynesian. The place holds many open beach huts, known as fale. Both the Samoa and American Samoa are best spots for beach surfing, adventurous hiking and snorkeling.

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: Reckoned as the wildest place to visit in the South Pacific, the Solomon Islands are still the spots where tranquility is well defined. On your visit, you’ll witness the traditional Melanesian culture of Solomon Islands which signify its glorifying history and war victories. These Islands are best for diving, hiking & surfing.

The South Pacific has lots in store for each one of us. It’s our call to pick our favorite destination and trek or dive into the isles or underwater. You have your list above which could help you choose one among all South Pacific Islands.

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